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Story Telling in Education with North MCD Teachers

If we define it in a simple and crisp way then story-telling is nothing but a way of conveying your thought in an interesting way. Everyone who works with people and involves conversation needs to know this classic art of conversation. Teachers are no exception to this statement. There job becomes more difficult as young children has a short memory span and hence the mode of delivery needs to be most interesting and entertaining at the same time.

Considering the above and many other factors teachers have not been only acknowledging the need of the story telling in education but the policy-makers have also been trying to train the teachers in the same. As part of the vision only we got another opportunity to work with around 140 teachers of MCD Schools, North Zone, for another time after summer training. The session addressed the need of story telling, techniques of story telling and the ways to apply storytelling in the classrooms. It was an interactive session and filled with the examples of application of storytelling to the classrooms, which was well applauded by the audience.

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Know Thyself Workshop @ Kulachi Hansraj Model School

We find that parents today are more concerned and anxious about the career of the child in comparison to our times. We all often hear things like ‘XYZ has higher scope, go for it’ ‘ABC can give you a high money minting job’ and these are also the general criteria to define a good career. Let’s try to understand what is an ideal career for anyone is. Finding a correct or an ideal career is like solving a jigsaw puzzle, joining the two matching pieces of it. Imagine the child as a piece of jigsaw puzzle and career options as the other pieces. There will be a few options which will loosely fit and one option that fits absolutely. Now you will ask, but how find that correct matching piece? But our question is, the question is incorrect here. First of all understand the piece that is in your hand then only you will be able to find the matching piece. And if you would force any other mismatching piece with your piece, you will ruin both.

On this simple ideology and to answer the anxiety of students and parents about the career, we designed – Know Thyself Workshop. The workshop was recently done with the students of Class Xth of Kulachi Hansraj Model School. The students has different expectations, right from discovering the correct stream, finding a career with maximum ‘scope’ and ‘money’ to the deep questions of understanding self-strengths and knowing self. All of the answers were answered by the workshop. The first half of the workshop focused on knowing self, discovering self strengths and self analysis and the second half was focused on finding the matching stream and career for self, followed by goal setting and neurological alignment. Other than different activities the process involved SWOT Tool and techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

We are grateful to the school authorities for providing another opportunity to us and to Lata Ma’am for efficiently coordinating the workshop. We also thank the students for their immense participation and wish them luck for the upcoming boards.

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A Workshop On Memory Techniques @ SD Public School, Pitampura

You like it or hate it but you can not ignore it. Any idea about what are we talking? We are talking about one of the basic things required for our schooling but yet one of the most ignore, Memory! The paradox of education is that we emphasize on cognitive skills, like understanding, analysis, application or evaluation but we never talk about the basic cognitive skill of memory. In spite of the fact that our country’s education is based on the Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy and the first step of the taxonomy is remembering or knowledge.

We expect students to mug-up or learn some things and when the student complaints that s/he is not able to learn any particular thing, then sing the jingle that we have been listening since generation, ‘keep repeating and it will happen..’ But in reality the answer hardly even serves quarter of the requirement. The result is that the things student is able to learn for the exam days of a session, gets vanish after that period and we get another topic to complain.

We need a solution to this challenge and the first step towards it’s solution is to acknowledge that there are many things in our education system that we can’t simply ‘understand’, we need to remember them and hence we need memory. The second step would be to work over different techniques to remember things or memory techniques. At S.D. Public School, Pitampura, we worked over both of the steps or rather majorly over the second step as need of memory with students is well accepted.

The session was based on the Peg System of memory, where we taught students to knit different unique stories in order to remember different crucial and important things.  Other than these with the 120 students of class VII, we also share the mechanism by which mind remember the things and how they should peg the things to their mind. We shared the technique to remember numerous words, their meanings, authors with respective books, date and events and finally the long answers. The session was not only full of learning but was also filled with fun and the students wanted more and more. In the words of coordinator ma’am, ‘You have shown us, learning can really be fun filled!’

We express our deepest gratitude to the management of the school for giving us such an amazing opportunity. We also thank the students for sharing their precious time with us and showing an unfathomable participation.

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Know Thyself Workshop for 10th Class Students @ D.L.D.A.V. School

Do you remember when did you get the chance of choice for the first time in the school time? It was the time to choose streams after class 10th. If you remember the time then you might also remember how every person on the planed didn’t act less than Buddha with respect to wisdom and used to be full of advice, just for you. All that pressure of facing national level examination (Xth Class Board) for the first time and then the sword of confusion and uncertainty lying over your head. Unfortunately, things have not changed much in the arena. Students are like that only even today. The arguments given at that time like ‘Intelligent students take science’ ‘Science have a big scope’ ‘Dumbos take arts’ even echoes in the dreams of the students of today.

As a solution to the confusion, we designed the workshop of Know Thyself specially for class Xth. The workshop is focused on different aspects of knowing self and XIth class stream selection along with ambition clarity. The workshop is a combination of SWOT technique, NLP & other psychological technique and career counselling. Other than activities & in depth discussion, the process also involved a self evaluating questionnaire specially meant for the purpose. The workshop is divided in two halves, the first half focuses on self analysis and the second half emphasize on ambition clarity & stream selection.

The workshop was a new experience to the students of class Xth at D.L.D.A.V. School, Shalimar Bagh. The students enjoyed each and every activity and were always curious about the next step. By the end of the workshop the students were not even clear about the stream that they want to choose but even about the ambition they want to peruse as their future. They were glued to the premises even after the full 4 hours workshop, which motivated even us a lot. We express our deepest gratitude to the D.L.D.A.V. School, Shalimar Bagh for giving us the platform and specially Pooja Ma’am for helping us out. We wish good luck to the children.

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Know Thyself Workshop With Students of 12th Class @D.L.D.A.V. Shalimar Bagh


Class 12th is one of the most crucial points in our career. This is a milestone where we get comparatively higher degree of choice to choose from a pool of immeasurable options. But at such a critical point of the career, how many of us have made the right choice? A handful only. What do you think is the reason behind that? The reason is awareness! The awareness which plays the role at two different levels – level 1, inside or self awareness and level 2, outside or the awareness of the career options lying outside us.  Many of us think in contradictory direction. They feel that what lies outside is more important that what is there inside! Don’t you remember the ‘expert advice’ of any random uncle telling, ‘Engineering kar lo, ismein bada scope hai?‘ irrespective of  your inner talents.

Reality of the situation is that a successful career is nothing but a correct jigsaw puzzle match, the talent of inside meets the opportunities from outside. Hence when we designed the workshop Know Thyself for class XII students, we were conscious about this fact. As a product the workshop which came out can be divided in two halves, one talk about the inner strengths and talents and other talk about the career options and right choice for the person. The workshop is a combination of SWOT Technique of self analysis, Connecting the dots session (with respective strengths and careers) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques for neurological alignment. It is a combination of different activities and discussions.

When we started the workshop at D.L.D.A.V School, Shalimar Bagh, we were welcomed by some nervous and shy faces who were confused about the career. But this phase started transforming with the first activity only. As the workshop escalated, so did their clarity about the career and self belief and finally the participants stepped out of the hall being more clear, confident and determined. We express our utmost gratitude to the school management and Pooja Ma’am for providing us a platform and helping us in the journey. We wish students all the luck for their future.


‘The Leader Within’ An Essay Writing Competition @ SD Public School, Pitampura

Forbes Said once, ‘Leadership is about thinking’ and we are trying to impart the thought by ‘The Essay Writing Competition: The Leader Within’. We aim to kindle the thinking process of the students in the light of leadership by our endeavor. This time SD Public School, Pitampura joined our journey by conducting the competition at the school.

Students loved the opportunity and participated in high numbers. On contrary, it was not an easy task for us to evaluate 150 essays but the great representation ability of the students made it lucid. Many students were great on the creative front and presented the topic with different designs and representation style. It also somewhere reflects on the great approach taken by the school. As the best example, Khushank chose altogether a different path to share his thoughts and used a lot of pictures along with words to make the content interesting. We could not ignore such a vision but to reward it. Other than presentation we have also tried to reward the students whenever they have showcased originality or have taken risk and shown self belief in presentation. Speaking of SD Public School’s students, one look over the pile of essays can make you understand the level of efforts students have put in.

We would like to thank students for sharing their time, thoughts and efforts. We are also very grateful to the school authorities and respective coordinator (Geeta Ma’am) for not only giving us the stage to share the opportunity with the children but also for supporting our efforts in the utmost spirit. It was a great opportunity for us to share our thoughts with a gathering of 200 students, brimming with hope and energy. The appreciation given to the winners by them was the reflection of the hard work that they have put in. In the end, we gladly share the name of the winners, which are as follows:

1st Position – Divyank Babbar

2nd Position – Kushank

Consolation Prize – Shikha, Jyoti Lodhi and Amritya Priyansh.


‘The Leader Within’ – An Essay Writing Competition @ VSPK International School

Leadership is one of the most needed element in our today’s society. In our mission to kindle the skill in the mindset of children, we have been conducting the Essay Writing Competition – ‘The Leader Within’ in different schools of Delhi. This time the boat of journey moved towards the VSPK International School, where the children welcomed us with both hands.

The competition was jeweled by the efforts of the 50 precious gems of of the school. The prizes were distributed in the Diwali Morning Assembly of the school which was full of cultural celebrations and students eagerly working for the result of their efforts. The environment definitely gave us the nostalgia for our own times.

We are thankful to the students who have participated in the competition and have shared their precious time and thought with us. We are also grateful for the school authorities who didn’t only permit us to provide the opportunity to students but also helped us in conducting the competition at the school. We proudly share the glimpse of the competition through this post, the names of the winners of the same are as follows:

1st Prize – Anushka Garg

2nd Prize – Dhruv Arora

Consolation Prize – Drishti Goel, Bhaskar Jha, Tanisha Abrol