‘The Leader Within’ An Essay Writing Competition @ SD Public School, Pitampura

Forbes Said once, ‘Leadership is about thinking’ and we are trying to impart the thought by ‘The Essay Writing Competition: The Leader Within’. We aim to kindle the thinking process of the students in the light of leadership by our endeavor. This time SD Public School, Pitampura joined our journey by conducting the competition at the school.

Students loved the opportunity and participated in high numbers. On contrary, it was not an easy task for us to evaluate 150 essays but the great representation ability of the students made it lucid. Many students were great on the creative front and presented the topic with different designs and representation style. It also somewhere reflects on the great approach taken by the school. As the best example, Khushank chose altogether a different path to share his thoughts and used a lot of pictures along with words to make the content interesting. We could not ignore such a vision but to reward it. Other than presentation we have also tried to reward the students whenever they have showcased originality or have taken risk and shown self belief in presentation. Speaking of SD Public School’s students, one look over the pile of essays can make you understand the level of efforts students have put in.

We would like to thank students for sharing their time, thoughts and efforts. We are also very grateful to the school authorities and respective coordinator (Geeta Ma’am) for not only giving us the stage to share the opportunity with the children but also for supporting our efforts in the utmost spirit. It was a great opportunity for us to share our thoughts with a gathering of 200 students, brimming with hope and energy. The appreciation given to the winners by them was the reflection of the hard work that they have put in. In the end, we gladly share the name of the winners, which are as follows:

1st Position – Divyank Babbar

2nd Position – Kushank

Consolation Prize – Shikha, Jyoti Lodhi and Amritya Priyansh.


‘The Leader Within’ – An Essay Writing Competition @ VSPK International School

Leadership is one of the most needed element in our today’s society. In our mission to kindle the skill in the mindset of children, we have been conducting the Essay Writing Competition – ‘The Leader Within’ in different schools of Delhi. This time the boat of journey moved towards the VSPK International School, where the children welcomed us with both hands.

The competition was jeweled by the efforts of the 50 precious gems of of the school. The prizes were distributed in the Diwali Morning Assembly of the school which was full of cultural celebrations and students eagerly working for the result of their efforts. The environment definitely gave us the nostalgia for our own times.

We are thankful to the students who have participated in the competition and have shared their precious time and thought with us. We are also grateful for the school authorities who didn’t only permit us to provide the opportunity to students but also helped us in conducting the competition at the school. We proudly share the glimpse of the competition through this post, the names of the winners of the same are as follows:

1st Prize – Anushka Garg

2nd Prize – Dhruv Arora

Consolation Prize – Drishti Goel, Bhaskar Jha, Tanisha Abrol

School Sessions

At Career Fair @ D.L.D.A.V., Shalimar Bagh


It feels like nothing less than deja vu when one interacts with the students of schools now a days. Other than the same energy,  innocence and charm, one can observe the similar confusion as we faced at this crucial crossroads of life. If we let them do the similar mistakes as us then there deserves a question mark over the statement of our evolution. So we keep trying to rub that one!

There is no bigger opportunity for us than to interact with the students who are at a crucial point of life and are looking up for the guidance in life. We are talking about the crucial point of class X to XII when students are being bashed black & blue by the pressure of schools & society but are still confused about the career path to choose. The opportunity was given by the D.L.D.A.V. Model School, Shalimar Bagh and the event was the Career Fair organised by the same. Here we pitched our Know Yourself, Self Analysis & Career Guidance workshop, specially designed for the students of class X-XII. Other than this we also had long discussions with different students about their confusion and insecurities and tried our level best to resolve them. The response by the students were immense, as if they were waiting for this opportunity only. And now we are waiting like anything to hold the workshop at school and help them to come out of the clouds of confusion. We express our deepest gratitude to D.L.D.A.V. School, Shalimar Bagh to share this opportunity with us.


Organization Training

A Workshop With Officers of Northern Railways

‘One should not ever lie’, ‘honesty is the best policy’, ‘We should always help the needy’, etc. etc. Found any common thing in the above statements, other than the fact that we have been listening these since the time we have memories in our mind? All of them are ethics for life. Ethics is to life is what Railways are to the country. Although we all know that ethics are something that we all should follow, but are we able to do that always? Obviously not! Just like the hero of Mahabharata, Arjun, Often we get stuck in a dilemma  (not comparing the scale of the dilemma) and that too without the help of Lord Krishna. Solving these kinds of dilemma become more crucial when your shoulders hold the responsibility of more than a billion people, like Indian Railways.

To be better prepared for the situations like these the Northern Indian Railways invited The Eighth Dimension Consultancy for a workshop over ‘Ethical Challenges & Response Options’ and ‘Life’s Balance Sheet’. The session was done for the ‘Satyanishtha’ Workshop of Northern Indian Railways and was attended by the supervisors and officers of Northern Indian Railways. The session started with introduction and understanding of ethics, went gradually towards Ethical Dilemma & Ethical Conflict and culminated with some approached to solve these ethical conflict and finally testing the understanding with posing some real life ethical dilemma challenges.

Further, the next session – Life’s Balance Sheet was seen in the light of positives (incomes) and negatives (expenditures) in the lives and started with different interpretations of positives and negatives with respect to life by the people. Gradually the session focused on how can we make the life profitable by reducing the ‘expense’ and increasing the ‘income’ from the lens of stress management.

The session in total spanned for around 150 minutes and was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.  The session involved different activities and followed a discussion based dialectical approach. As usually the session ended with different inquiries about the subject along with heartfelt appreciation.

We express our utmost gratitude to the participants and Northern Indian Railways for sharing such a great opportunity with us. It was a great learning experience for us.

Teacher Training

Stress Management Session @ Kulachi Hansraj Model School

Teaching is one of the most underestimated and underpaid jobs of the country with one of the most ignored high stress levels. Although it is very understandable due to the intensive and dual responsibilities (specially for woman) the job results in high stress but even among the teachers one of the most stressed teachers are either the pre-primary or early primary teachers or the PGT teachers teachers teaching the XI-XII (The conclusion can definitely be the matter of debate). The reason behind reaching this conclusion is the high amount of energy needed to manage the energy bundles trapped in the human kids in the pre-primary or early primary grades and magnified responsibility of approaching career and teasing tough questions by the coaching industry or ever accessible internet for our secondary teachers. Situation at times become so intense that it starts impacting the functionality and we definitely require some solution.

We express our utmost regards to the management and authorities of Kulachi Hansraj Model School for taking this issue seriously and calling us for the stress management with the PGT teachers. We thank them for having faith in us after a successful last session with the Cluster – 1 primary teachers of the DAV Schools. We are also grateful to our participants to be patient and participatory with the session.

The session was a regular one but being conducted in the middle of paper checking days made it special. We as usually started with discussing the phenomenon of stress, the result of it as stress responses gradually we moved towards sharing of different stressors (peer to peer learning) & self analysis by the ABCD technique and finally culminated the session with some stress buster activities fun & PMR relaxation. The session spanned for 90 minutes with a sincere requests to school authorities for calling us again for a longer duration and an as usual thankfulness from the teachers.

Teacher Training

Stress Management for DAV Cluster 1 Teachers

“Sir, we are teachers! We can’t take a break. We have to keep working. We have to manage homes too! and balancing these two lives without a break is a difficult task.” The words used by one of the teachers from the cluster 1 training of the DAV schools just put a stamp for the stress management sessions, specially for the teachers.

The session started with an introduction to the functioning of stress and gradually covered different stress responses, the ABCD model and self analysis, the understanding of the belief system and finally culminated with some stress buster games for the students & teachers and Progressive Muscles Relaxation Technique. The session of around 2 hours was knitted with dialectical approach and was filled with different activities. As usually the session ended with teachers asking for more and a positive feedback.

We express our utmost gratitude to the management of Kulachi Hansraj Model School for having trust in us and inviting us for the session. We are also thankful to our fellow participants for being active and supportive in the workshop.


‘The Leader Within’ – An Essay Writing Competition @ Kulachi Hansraj Model School

Writing is the reflection of personality and working over different personalities, knowing them and shaping them should be the most exciting job of the world. In other words, it’s what we do! As part of the mission of making a better tomorrow, we The Eighth Dimension Consultancy organized another ‘The Leader Within – Essay Writing Competition’ at Kulachi Hansraj Model School ,Ashok Vihar Delhi. We were again blessed to be loved by the students and getting their immense participation in the competition. We tried to give a good amount of space to our students to express themselves with the topic of ‘ What Makes a Great Leader’ and the responses were great. It was very tough for us to judge the winners because if someone was good with content then other was good with approach and someone else would have a better structuring and thinking process. Everyone was better than another!
We would like to thank the students for putting so much effort in the process and we really hold high gratitude for their participation. We would also like to thank the school authorities for letting us have a competition in the school. Although for us, everyone is a winner but in the end we congratulate the formal winners of the contest – Divyanshi Grover and Gauranshi Thareja.